Unconventional Reservoir Studies


MHA recognizes that your unconventional project needs a multi-disciplinary approach to unlock its maximum potential and our highly experienced team of engineers and geoscientists will work to find a custom solution to your company’s needs.  MHA professionals were pioneers in the fields of CBM/CSG and tight gas and have continued to lead in the evaluation of the challenging field of shale and other ulta-low permeable reservoirs.  With both strong domestic and international expertise our experience will help you solve your companies problems with these challenging reservoirs.



MHA Shale Gas Selected Project Experience:

Ireland and Northern Ireland
Preparation of a Resource Estimate and a Competent Persons report for shale gas projects

South Australia (Cooper and Eromanga Basins)
Reservoir simulation and resource evaluation of deep Murteree and Roseneath shale

Eagle Ford
Reserves evaluation and preparation of a Competent Persons Report. Study to determine the predictors for productivity in both the “oil” and “gas” windows.

Reserves evaluation, performance prediction and well spacing evaluations

South Africa (Karoo Basin)
Unconventional resource assessment of the Karoo Shale in the Republic of South Africa

Utah (Gothic Formation)
Developed reservoir simulation model to determine drainage area from horizontal wells

Australia (Canning Basin)
Evaluation of the shale gas potential of the Laurel and Goldwyr Formations

McArthur River shale gas potential of the Kyalla and Velkerri Formations

United States
Economic modeling and valuation in support of a successful $7 billion acquisition of predominately shale gas asset based company

MHA Shale Oil Selected Project Experience:

North Dakota (Williston Basin)
Reserves evaluation of the Bakken and Three Forks for numerous clients

North Dakota (Williston Basin)
Reserves, completion efficiency and well spacing evaluation for the Bakken formation in McKenzie county

Montana (Williston Basin)
Evaluation of the Reserve and Resources of an unconventional oil play in the Mission Canyon and Charles ‘C’ Formations

MHA Coalbed Methane Selected Project Experience:

Field development planning, reserves evaluation and economic modeling for five large CBM blocks in China which were part of a recent arbitration and merger

Field development planning, geologic and reservoir modeling for CSG to LNG projects in Queensland

Reserves certification reports for numerous clients

Preparation of Independent Expert Reports on three recent large successful acquisition transactions

Wyoming (Powder River Basin)
MHA reservoir engineering, simulation and testimony were the basis for the WOGCC decision on well spacing in the PRB CBM play

South Africa (Soutpansberg Basin)
Resource evaluation, pilot design and field development studies for the Ecca coal interval in the Soutpansberg Basin

Coalbed methane training courses and workshops offered several times each year

Major study of the Ordos Basin producing CBM properties to facilitate merger of largest Chinese CBM producers

Colorado (San Juan Basin)
Study for major producers and performed feasibility study for infill drilling

MHA Enhanced Coalbed Methane Selected Project Experience:

Australia (Gunnedah Basin)
Reservoir engineering and simulation evaluation of enhanced CBM recovery via CO2 injection in the Bohena coal seam in the Gunnedah Basin

Wyoming (Powder River Basin)
Reservoir engineering and simulation evaluation of enhanced CBM recovery via CO2 injection in the Wyodak coal seam

MHA Coal Mine Methane Selected Project Experience:

United Kingdom
Reserves and resources evaluation, geological modeling and reservoir simulation forecasting of gas production from numerous producing coal mine methane sites located in the Midlands region of England

Reserves evaluation, production forecasting, economic modeling, and legal testimony in lawsuits involving damages associated with lost gas recovery due to water disposal into abandoned coal mines

MHA CO2 Sequestration Selected Project Experience:

United Kingdom
Reservoir engineering and simulation evaluation of CO2 sequestration potential, and additional methane recovery, from abandoned coal mines

Germany (offshore North Sea)
Reservoir engineering and simulation evaluation of long-term CO2 sequestration potential into deep saline aquifers located offshore North Sea

Compositional simulation studies and testimony before the WOGCC for CO2 reinjection and sequestration following acid gas production and processing

Utah and Colorado (Uinta and Piceance Basins)
Evaluation of oil shale sourced CO2 sequestration options

MHA Hydrothermal Dolomites Selected Project Experience:

Resource Evaluation of Black River Petroleum’s Natchez Trace Prospect

Colorado (DJ Basin)
Prepared a Competent Person’s Report for the London Stock Exchange listed Nighthawk Energy documenting the expected range of STOIIP and reserve associated with a hydrothermal dolomite field in Eastern Colorado.