Integrated Field Development & 3D Modeling


MHA is an engineering and geoscience consultancy with offices in Denver, Colorado and Bakersfield, California.  The majority of MHA staff have in excess of 25 years of experience and are registered professional engineers and certified petroleum geologists.  Formed in 1994, MHA’s staff specializes in reservoir appraisal and description, reservoir analysis, geological modeling and reservoir simulation studies, secondary and enhanced oil recovery studies, and reserves and economic valuations.

MHA provides a comprehensive solution to reservoir problems.  Our integrated analysis incorporates the disciplines of:


We apply 2-D and 3-D seismic technology and utilize emerging geophysical technologies on both exploration and production projects.


Our log and core analysis is performed in a multi-discipline framework that provides results consistent with other available geological and engineering data.


MHA is experienced in studies involving complex structural interpretations and detailed stratigraphic descriptions utilizing sequence stratigraphy methods. Three-dimensional geospatial modeling software facilitates field studies, operational planning and project management.

Reservoir Engineering Analysis

We refine the reservoir description, including rock and fluid characteristics, to determine the fluids-in-place and to provide an understanding of reservoir and well performance.

Reservoir Simulation

MHA has extensive experience in both black oil and compositional simulation. Our models range from small-scale reservoir models to very large, full-field and multi-field models.

Drilling, Production and Facilities

As part of the integrated analysis, MHA can assist you in optimizing existing facilities or in the design of new facilities to produce, gather and process oilfield hydrocarbons.

Economic Valuation and Risk Assessment

We have tools and experience to perform either a conventional net-cash flow analysis or to project economic performance under unique and complicated production sharing agreements. MHA can also provide you with a risk assessment describing the range of uncertainty in the results of the integrated study.


MHA’s area of expertise in integrated reservoir analysis extends across all areas of the U.S. and worldwide.  Examples of recent integrated projects include:

  • Field development study of a large gas field located offshore Republic of South Africa
  • Designing and interpreting 3D seismic surveys as part of an exploration program in Mongolia
  • Acting as Independent Expert for the equity determination of a large oil field in North Africa
  • Preparation of Competent Persons Reports for companies listing on the U.S., Canadian, London, Australian and Singapore stock exchanges
  • Preparing Independent Expert Reports for multi-billion dollar acquisitions of unconventional reserves and resources
  • Development of production forecasts, reserves estimates, and complex economic models for a $7 billion acquisition of unconventional reservoir assets in the U.S., and a major arbitration of coalbed methane assets in Asia.
  • Constructing static geological models and dynamic reservoir models to assess the feasibility of compressed air energy storage projects.