Industry Papers

Our MHA team have authored multiple technical papers published in leading industry journals. These papers, overviewing and detailing a myriad of subjects, will enhance your technical and professional knowledge on topics of interest in the industry.

A Study for Development of a Plan of Depletion in a Rich Gas Condensate Reservoir: Anschutz Ranch East Unit, Summit County, Utah, Uinta County, Wyoming

Kleinsteiber, Stan; Wendschlag, D.D.; Calvin, J.W.

Laboratory Investigation of a Latex Polymer for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Hower, Tim

Unitizing and Waterflooding the California Yowlumne Oil Field

Burzlaff, A.A.

Alteration of Volcaniclastic Debris and Basalts in a Submarine Remnant Arc: Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 448, Palau-Kyushu Ridge, Philippine Sea

Aldrich, Jeffrey B.

A Reservoir Engineering Study of the Margham Field, Dubai, U.A.E.

Ernster, Greg A.

Detecting Compartmentalization in Gas Reservoirs Through Production Performance

Hower, Tim and Collins, R.E.

Use of Conventional Reservoir Models for Coalbed Methane Simulation

Seidle, J. P. and Arri, L. E.

Use of Conventional Reservoir Models for Coalbed Methane Simulation, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Seidle, John ; Arri, Luis E.

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Software Downloads

MHA has developed industry-specific software programs that assist the user in unit conversions and fluid/rock properties correlations.

Unit-to-Unit Conversion Software

MHA Convert

MHA’s free unit-to-unit conversion software is designed specifically for basic conversion calculations used on a daily basis in the oil and gas industry.

This utility is provided free of charge, however, MHA Petroleum Consultants makes no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of the information contained in this program; nor assumes any liability with respect to the use of any information contained in or results derived from this program.

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MHA's Petroleum Properties Program


MHA’s Petroleum Properties Program (P3) is designed for fluid and rock property correlations.

This program is published as a courtesy to students attending PetroSkills, Reservoir Engineering Course. No warranty is made as to the accuracy or appropriateness or the correlations contained in this program.

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MHA White Pages

We provide industry information in a compiled, downloadable format for your ease of use.

Sweet Spot Identification June 2019 Presentation

Jeffery Aldrich

2019 Update: United States Oil and Gas Tax Information

Compiled and Presented by MHA Petroleum Consultants

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