Industry Papers

A Study for Development of a Plan of Depletion in a Rich Gas Condensate Reservoir: Anschutz Ranch East Unit, Summit County, Utah, Uinta County, Wyoming

Kleinsteiber, Stan; Wendschlag, D.D.; Calvin, J.W.

Laboratory Investigation of a Latex Polymer for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Hower, Tim

Unitizing and Waterflooding the California Yowlumne Oil Field

Burzlaff, A.A.

Alteration of Volcaniclastic Debris and Basalts in a Submarine Remnant Arc: Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 448, Palau-Kyushu Ridge, Philippine Sea

Aldrich, Jeffrey B.

A Reservoir Engineering Study of the Margham Field, Dubai, U.A.E.

Ernster, Greg A.

Detecting Compartmentalization in Gas Reservoirs Through Production Performance

Hower, Tim and Collins, R.E.

Use of Conventional Reservoir Models for Coalbed Methane Simulation

Seidle, J. P. and Arri, L. E.

Use of Conventional Reservoir Models for Coalbed Methane Simulation, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Seidle, John ; Arri, Luis E.

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